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April 15, 2010

Auch Post von Groundspeak

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Nachdem der Neheimer Post von Groundspeak bekomment hat,  fand ich heute Morgen auch eine Einladung zur Befragung im Posteingangskörbchen.

Greetings from Groundspeak!

We are trying to better understand our members so that we can improve our services, features and the general geocaching experience. We would greatly appreciate it if you could fill out this brief survey:


This link is uniquely tied to this survey and your email address. Please do not forward this message.

Thanks for your participation!

Please note: If you do not wish to receive further emails from us, please click the link below, and you will be automatically removed from our mailing list.

Wer diese Mail alles bekommt, weiß ich nicht. Daher hier für alle Interessierten der Fragenkatalog:

1. How long have you been geocaching?
2. Overall, how satisfied are you with your geocaching experience?
How many people (family members and/or friends) share the account? (Be sure to include yourself in the number.)
4. On average, how often do you go geocaching?
5. How many geocaches have you found?
6. How many geocaches have you placed?
7. Approximately how many geocaches did you find before hiding one of your own?
8. Where did you first learn about geocaching?
9. What brand is your primary geocaching device? (Check all that apply.)
10. What model is your primary geocaching device? (You may type in multiple answers if applicable.)
11. Do use any third party software such as GSAK, Expert/EasyGPS or GPSBegal for geocaching?
12. Which third party software do you use? (Check all that apply.)
13. Which social media sites do you use? (Check all that apply.)
14. Where do you go when you have questions about geocaching?
15. How often do you visit the website?
16. Overall, how satisfied are you with the website (
17. Regardless of your level of satisfaction with the website, if you could change one (1) thing, what would that be? Please be as specific as possible.
18. How are you involved in the geocaching community?
19. Do you use either of Groundspeak’s Geocaching iPhone Applications?
20. How many people have you introduced to geocaching?
21. In which country do you live?
22. In which state/province do you live? (U.S. and Canada only.)
23. Which of the following best describes you? (Which of the following best describes you?   (Student/Self employed/Employed (full or part time)/Stay at home mom/dad/Retired/Not employed)
24. What is your marital status?
25. How many children under the age of 18 live with you?
26. What is the highest level of education you have completed?
27. What is your gender?
28. In which age group do you fit? (Age)
29. What was your total household income in 2009? (U.S. dollars)
30. Were you aware that Groundspeak offers a Premium Membership? That is one whereby you pay an annual fee and get access to additional features on
31. Have you been a Premium member before?
32. Why are you no longer a Premium Member? (Choose all that apply.)
33. How many of your friends/fellow geocachers are Premium Members?
34. Please place any additional comments or suggestions in this field.

Die Fragen fand ich nun alle nicht sehr ungewöhnlich oder aufdringlich. Der englischen Sprache sollte man schon mächtig sein (ein Groundspeak-Eihentor), aber viel Freitext braucht man eh nicht einzugeben.
Inhaltlich hat diese Umfrage also Ähnlichkeit mit all den anderen Umfragen, die zu Studien-, Forschungs und Tourismuszwecken durchgeführt werden.

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