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Juni 2, 2011

It’s not a coin, it’s a plate!

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After the release of the world’s largest geocoin in October 2010, some people stated „It’s not a Coin, it’s an Anchor“. Regarding it’s production they may be right. But of course „Der Dicke“ is an upscaled and full-3D modell of „Nordseetaufe 2010“ edtion geocoin.

Let’s jump into present, June 2011, only a few days after the release of the next larger „world’s largest geocoin“ in Swiss. It was presented to public during Geofarm Megaevent 2011. Therefore it is intended to be an upscaled modell of the normal-sized eventcoin. (see the following picture)

Now I’ve to say „It’s not a coin, it’s a plate!“
Why? Have a look to it’s backside:

The original small coin has an engraved design on BOTH sides as usual. Unfortunaly the coin, that claims to be world’s largest, is NOT a 1:x scaled version of the original design. It is just engraved on one single side. Nice try, mountain goats, but that doesn’t count as a coin!

While our northgerman super size coin is exhibited together with a geocache (where it may be visited & measured 24/7), the Switzer got rid of their piece of shame as soon as possible. The fake coin was auctioned on the same evening after only one (but high) bid from a local geocacher.




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